The Circulatory system (Blood vessels)

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  • Circulatory system-Blood vessels
    • Arteries
      • Cary blood away from the heart
      • The heart pumps blood out at highe pressure so the artery walls are strong and elastic
        • The walls are tick compaired to the gole down the middle ( The Lumen)
          • Tey contatin layers of muscle to make them strong
            • They contain elastic fibres to allow them to spring back
    • Capillaries
      • Involved in the exchange of materials at the tissues
      • Arteries branch in to capill\ries
      • Capillaries are to small to see
      • They carry the blood realy close to  every cell ii the body to exchange substances with them
        • They have permiable walls so substances can diffuse in and out
      • They supply food andoxygen and take away waste like co2
      • Their walls are usualy only one cell thick this increases the rate of diffusion by decreasing the distance over which it occurs
    • Veins
      • These carry blood to the heart
      • capillaries eventualy join up to for veins
      • blood is at a lower presure in the veins  so the walls dont need to be as thicck as artery walls
      • They have bigger lumen then arteries to help the blood flow despite lower presure
      • They also have valves to keep the blood flowing in the right direction


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