chromosomes - genes and variation

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  • genes and variation
    • chromosomes are really long molecules of DNA
      • the genome is the entire genetic material of an organism
      • the genetic material is stored in the nucleus and is arranged into chromosomes
      • each chromosome is one very long molecule of DNA that's coiled up
      • a gene is a short length of a chromosome
        • genes - each of your chromosomes contains thousands of genes. Each gene is a small length of DNA and controls a different characteristic, by coding for different proteins.
      • Genes determine the production of proteins. The sequence of bases in the gene determines the type of protein which is produced.
        • The production of different proteins controls teh development of different characteristics, e.g. dimples, and how a organism functions.
      • genes can exist in different versions. Each version gives a different form of a characteristic, like blue or brown eyes. The different versions of the same gene are called alleles or variants.


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