Variation, Genes and Reproduction

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  • Variation, Genes, Chromosomes and DNA and Reprodcution
    • Variation
      • Genetic Variation
        • Characteristics are determined by the genes inherited form their parents
        • Passed on in Gametes
        • Some genes from mother and some from father cause genetic variation
      • Environmental Variation
        • Where organisms live and grow causes differences of the same species
        • Wide range of differences
    • Genes, Chromosomes and DNA
      • The Nucleus contains the genetic material in the form of Chromosomes
        • Human cells contains 23 pairs of chromosomes
          • Chromosomes carry genes which control the development of different characteristics
            • A gene is a short length of the chromosome which is a long length of DNA
              • The DNA is coiled up to from arms of the chromosome
    • Reproduction
      • Sexual Reproduction
        • Involves the fusion of male and female gametes. As there are two parents, the offspring contain a mixture of their parents' genes
          • Produces variation of the offspring
      • Asexual Reproduction
        • Only one parent. There's no fusion of gametes, no mixing of chromosomes and no genetic variation between parent and offspring
          • The offspring are genetically identical- clones


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