Christianity-Peace and Conflict-6.1

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  • Christianity-Intro to Peace and Conflict-6.1
    • Quotes
      • "He will judge between nations and settle disputes."
        • Shows how God will be the ultimate judge and will bring justice.
      • "Nation will not take up sword against nation."
        • Shows the teaching that two countries shall not go to war
    • Peace
      • The intention of war is to create peace afterwards.
        • This is sometimes difficult to achieve as instability and hate can lead to fighting again.
    • Justice
      • Many wars start to achieve justice.
      • God shall be the ultimate judge and will stop wars
      • Justice is linked with equality- if people are not treated fairly it can lead to hate.
    • Forgiveness
      • Christians believe is important to forgive so they can live peacefully.
      • Christians believe that God sets the example of forgiveness-to those who ask for it.
    • Reconciliation
      • Should be used to restore relations after conflict


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