Christian Teaching on Stewardship

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  • Christian Teaching on Stewardship
    • The Bible teaches that Christians should...
      • Take care of the environment as it is a gift from God.
      • Conserve natural resources for future generations.
      • Share resources equally because Jesus taught us to love and help each other.
      • Reduce pollution to help the environment
      • Care for animals and plant life because they were created by God.
    • How Christians can help
      • Individuals
        • Conserve energy
        • Contribute to charities
        • Recycle, Reuse and Reduce
      • Communities
        • Form community groups to clean up the area
        • Raise money as a community
      • National Groups
        • Distribute aid to other countries
        • Raise money to help the envoirnment
        • Make people more aware
  • Make people more aware


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