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  • christian eschatology
    • resurrection
      • soul remains in grave until last day where all souls are raised and given resurrection bodies
      • everyone will appear in front of god for final judgemement - good will go to heaven, bad to hell
    • immortality of the soul
      • when someone dies the soul leaves the body to be with god
      • the idea that the soul lives on after the death of the body
    • heaven and hell
      • most catholics believe that any good people from any religion will go to heaven and non believers will go to hell
      • some christians believe that only christians will go to heaven
      • some believe any good person will go to heaven
      • few believe there is no hell, only levels of heaven
    • purgatory
      • catholics believe that those who have sinned will be purified so they can go to heaven
      • protestants believe that purgatory isn't real
    • life after death in the bible
      • st paul corinthians 5:1-10
        • if their body is destroyed they'll have a non physical home in heaven
        • their goal is heaven
          • try to please god whilst on earth
    • why these teachings are important
      • try to live a good christian life to go to heaven
      • avoid committing sins  better for communities
      • gives their life meaning, happiness and purpose


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