CHRISTIANITY : after death

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salvation and eternal life

redemption- to be saved from sin

repentance- to be sorry for doing wrong

atone/atonoment- to make up for something

Bible quote: JOHN 3:16

"For God so loved the world he gave his one and only son that who so ever believe in him shall not perish  but have eternal life"

Christians believe that Jesus redeemed people from their sins. They were saved but they have to atone by: praying, going to chruch , paying charity and being neighbourly.

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christians believe

Christians believe that/in.........


  • The soul is immortal and is ressurected after we die
  • Heaven/Hell ( catholics: purgatory)
  • Jesus dying on the cross to redeem them.
  • That people who have great sins (murderers/great criminals) would go to hell.
  • There is a judgment day
  • Death
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muslims believe

Muslims believe in....


  • Angel of Death
  • Grave punishment/reward
  • Day of Judgement
  • Trumpet at end of the world
  • Paradise(Jannah) and Hell (Jahannam)
  • Eternal life(Akhirah)
  • every human has a soul
  • doing good and restraining from evil
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Eschatological beliefs: Christianity

Eschatological beliefs

Christians believe that God is just and fair, and so if someone commits a great sin they shall be punished and if someone commits a good deed they shall be rewarded. The final destination will be determined on what you did on the earth (either good or bad) 

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Eschatological beliefs: Islam

Eschatological beliefs: Islam

Muslims believe that when they are buried they are greeted by two angels who will questions them in their graves. They believe that at the end of the world they will all be judged based on their actions in this dunya (world).  This day is called Yawm Al-Qiyamah (day of resurrection) where they will all be standing in front of Allah and he will decide their fate

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Eschatological beliefs: Non religious

Eschatological beliefs: Non religious

There are many non-religious views on the after life.

3 reasons for the views are:

-near death experiences


-paranormal activity

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