1.1.13 Eschatological Beliefs


Resurection and life after death

  • Chr. believe humans have immortal soul seperate from actual body. Cannot be seen. Possesion of soul makes humans different from rest of Creation
  • St. Paul [1 Corinthians]: humans' imperfect/mortal bodies will die but spiritual ressurected
  • Chr. believe JC resurrection + ascencion show proof of life after physical death
    • belief in ressurection is eschatological - many Chr. believe all dead will be risen at end times to be judged
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Different Christian beliefs about life after death

  • All Chr. believe world's events not random; part of God's plan w/ good outcome @ end
  • Different Chr. vies abt eschaton/eschatological ideas. Depends on how literal a view of Bible + Church
  • Most Chr. look forward to life after death 
    • many concentrate on living good now/making life better for others now
    • help other as w/o this, their chances of salvation/eternal life/heaven are at risk
      • [Sheep and the Goats Matthew 25]
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