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  • Christabel
  • Themes
    • Good vs. Evil
    • The Supernatural
    • Memory ad the Past
    • Compassion and Forgiveness
    • Women and Femininity
  • Definitions:
    • cleft
      • an obscurity
      • mastiff *****
        • female dog
        • unrobe
          • undress
          • martin bell
            • morning bell
            • sacristan
              • religious figure
  • "awakened the crowing ****; // Tu-whit! - Tu - whoo!"
  • "The moon is behind"
  • "She kneels beneath the huge oak tree, // And in silence prayeth she"
  • "Beautiful exceedingly!"
  • "Praise we the Virgin all divine"
  • "Yet she an angry moan did make! […] Never till now she uttered yell"
  • "Off, woman, off!"
  • "A sight tof dream of, not to tell! O shield her! Shield sweet Christabel!"
  • "And drew in her breath with a hissing sound"
  • Dove = hope
  • Snake = sin
  • "full of wonder and full of grief"
  • "In eyes so innocent and blue"
  • "To the wronged daughter of his friend"
  • "A little child, a limber elf"
  • Wrote first part in 1797 and the second part in 1800
  • It is an original poem
  • He purposefully changed the stanza lengths in correspondence with some transition in the nature of the imagery or passion.
  • Coleridge could be seen as racy the Bard.
  • Geraldine's confusion towards Christabel and Sir Leoline could suggest his love interests.


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