To William Wordsworth

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  • To William Wordsworth
  • Definitions:
    • prophetic lay
      • 'The Prelude'
      • hyblean
        • mountain range
        • deity
          • supernatural being
          • orphic song
            • beautiful poetry
            • chaunted
              • chanted
  • Themes
    • Loneliness
    • Nauture
    • Jealousy
    • Mourning
  • Coleridge turned to opium for consolation and inspiration, as most of his work was rejected by Wordsworth, including the poem 'Christabel' which is believed to be one of his greatest pieces of work.
  • Coleridge spent roughly £5 a week to cope with his opium addiction.
  • He was responding to Wordsworth's 'The Prelude' to express his response of appreciation.
  • Length of stanza's show Coleridge's admiration.
  • The tone shifts        twice.         - Mourning       - Calmer and more appreciative
  • "Friend of the wise! and Teach of the Good!"
  • "When power streamed from thee, and thy soul received"
  • "Hyblean murmurers"
  • "Like some becalmed bark beneath the burst"
  • "Hope sprung forth like a full-born Deity!"
  • "An Orphic Song indeed // A song divine of high and passionate thoughts // To their own music chaunted"
  • "The truly great // Have all one age, and from one visible space // Shed influence!"
  • "Plucking the poisons of self-harm!"
  • "And when I rose, I found myself in prayer"


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