Wilde and Coleridge quotes


Wilde and Coleridge Quotes

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"I am stronger than you are. The big battalions are on my side..." Mrs Cheveley 

"I intend to play wuite fairly with you. One sould always play fairly.. when one has the winning cards" Mrs Chev

"and yours is a very nasty scandal" 



"behold! Her bosom and half side... sheild sweet Christabel" 

"drew in breath with a hissing sound"

"a snakes small eye blinks" 

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"tries to get her arm, but fails"/ "Lord Goring looks amused"

"power, power over other men, power over the world" Robert 

"wealth has given me enormous power" Robert 

"you were worth more Robert" Goring



"Nature's immortality" The Nightingale

"The frost performs its secret ministry" Frost at Midnight

"waning moon was haunted" Kubla Khan

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Class/ Status


"I have much more money than you have" Mrs Cheveley

"luxury was nothing but a background, a painted scene in a play"


Fears in Solitude

"for war and bloodshed"

"for gold as at a market"

"the rich, the poor, the man, the young: all makeup one scheme of perjury"

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"i think men are the only authorities on dress" Mrs Cheveley 

"one real tragedy in a woman's life. The fact that her past is always her lover, and her future is invaribably her husband" Mrs Cheveley

"women think they are making ideals of men. What they are making of us are false idols merely" Robert Chiltern

"a mans life is more valuable than a womans" Lady Chiltern 

"common sense is the privilege of our sex" Mabel Chiltern 

"we have much more important work to do that look at each others bonnets Lord Goring" Lady Chiltern "the eight hour bill" 

"is Lady Chiltern really as perfect as all that?" Lord Goring

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Dejection: An Ode

"joy, virtuous lady!"

"save to the pure and their purest hour"

"her wedding garment"

The Eolian Harp 

"coy maid" 

"white-flowered jasmine and broad-leafed Myrtle"


"shield sweet Christabel"

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Art/ beauty


"triumph of love"

"a woman of grave Greek beauty"

"astonishing courage of innocence"


"awake to love and beauty" This Lime Tree Bower my Prison

"my babe so beautiful" Frost at Midnight

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