Chemistry Module 1

Simple mind map with all the little bits for Chemistry As- Module 1, OCR.

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  • Chemistry AS
    • Module 1
      • number of moles = mass/molar mass
      • Volue x concentration = number of moles
      • Volume/24.0 = number of moles
      • Acid - Proton Donor Base - Proton acceptor
      • Sulphuric acid - Diprotic acid and Phosphuric acid - triprotic acid
      • Alkali is a soluble base, Salt - is a Acid that looses the H= ion and replaces them with metals
      • Oxidation is loss of electrons and reduction is gain
      • Hydrogen atoms sometimes don't contain neutrons
      • Units: Concentration:         Volume: Cm3 or dm3          Moles: mol     Mass:g       Molarmass: g.mol-1
      • Cm3 to dm3 (divide by 1000 and vice versa)   g to kg divide by  1000 and vice versa)
      • Masses, moles are all compared to Carbon 12
      • Oxidation rules, Uncombined element:0 Ion is same as it's charge, One molucule has the oxidation number added up to equal zero fluorine is always -1 hydrogen always +1 except in metal hydrides oxygen always -2 except in perozxides (-1) when combined with fluorine -1, chlorine always -1 except with oxygen anf fluorine when positive  all halogens are -1 except when bonded to fluorine or oxygen , group 1 - +1 Group 2 +2
      • Ionic equations mean write out each element n its ionic form (if in a molecule in the equation and look for which ones oxidation number changed then cross out spectator ions


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