1.1 The rate of chemical reactions

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  • The rate of chemical reactions
    • What is a reaction rate?
      • As the reaction A+2B?C takes place, concentrations of A and B decrease with time and the concentration if C increases with time
      • We can measure the concentrations with time and plot the results in a graph
      • The rate of the reaction is defined as the change in concentration (of any of the reactants or products) with unit of time
      • On the graph the line for C increases because the concentration increases over time
      • A and B decrease, however in the equation for every A that reacts there are two of B
      • The concentration of B decreases twice as quickly
      • For this reason it is important to state whether we are following A, B or C
      • We usually assume that the rate is measured by following the products
    • The rate of reaction at any instant
      • We are often interested about the rate at a particular time rather than over a period of time


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