Atomic Bond Types

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  • Chemical Bond Types
    • Mixing atomic orbitals
      • Electronegativity values
        • Similar
          • Metals
            • Metallic Bonding
              • The electrons are delocalized this is due to the low ionisation energy, no one atom has a strong hold on the electrons
          • Nonmetals
            • Very Close Electronegativity
              • Nonpolar Covalent
                • The sharing of electrons between two atoms with similar electro-negativities
            • Different Elctronegativity
              • Polar Covalent
                • This is where the electrons are closer to one atom that the other
        • Different
          • Ionic
            • Ionic bonding occurs when the attraction of oppositely charged atoms come together and one donates it's electrons to the other
            • In a binary atomic system this occurs between a metal and a nonmetal


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