Chemical Tests

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  • Chemical Tests
    • Metal Halides
      • Add dilute nitric acid. Add a few drops of silver nitrate solution.
        • Positive tests = precipitate.
          • Fluoride = no precipitate
          • Chloride = white precipitate that dissolves in dilute  ammonia.
          • Bromide = cream precipitate that dissolves in concentrated ammonia.
          • Iodide = yellow precipitate that is insoluble.
    • Aldehydes
      • Fehlings Test
        • Contains blue copper complex ions.
          • Positive test when warmed = brick red precipitate.
      • Tollen's Silver Mirror Test
        • Contains a solution of silver nitrate and aqueous ammonia.
          • Positive test when warmed = the colourless silver ions are reduced to metallic silver.
    • Halogeno alkanes
      • Add aqueous sodium hydroxide and warm. Acidify with nitric acid. Add aqueous silver nitrate.
        • Positive test = a precipitate of silver halide forms.
    • Carboxylic acids
      • Add sodium hydrogen carbonate.
        • Positive test = carbon dioxide gas given off.
    • Alkenes
      • Shake with bromine water
        • Positive test = colour change from orange brown to colourless.
    • Alcohols
      • Add acidified potassium dichromate
        • Positive test = colour change from orange to green.


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