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  • pest control
    • pests have an undersirable effect on crops/livestock
      • reduces yield in produce for farmer, and is a large economic problem
    • chemical control
      • advantages
        • easy application
        • quick results and rapid decrease in pest population
        • relatively cheap
        • can be formulated for specific plants and pests
      • disadvantages
        • can eradicate beneficial insects
        • pests can develop resistance to pesticides
        • contaminates food chain. Bioaccumulation
        • toxic residue remains
      • Herbicides, Pesticides, Insecticides and Fungicides
    • biological control
      • advantages
        • long term solution
        • pest unlikely to develop resistance
        • does not have negative impact on the generally biodiversity of an area
        • no chemicals around produce, low risk of contammination of food
      • disadvantages
        • never eradicates pest
        • takes time to become sustainable
        • requires better knowledge and more scientific precision
        • care must be taken to ensure biological agent doesnt become a pest itself
          • extenisve scientific research required
    • integrated pest management:mix of biological and chemical control
      • ensures the population of pest doesn't reach above economic injury level


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