Charlotte Mew Context

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  • Charlotte Mew
    • Childhood and Family
      • Born in London in 1869
      • One of seven children
        • Two of her sisters suffered severe mental illness
          • Were sectioned
        • Three others dies young
        • Left 'Lotti', her sister and her mother
      • Father died in 1898
        • Didn't leave adequate provisions for his children
      • Lotti and her sister Anne made a pact never to marry
        • Didn't want to pass on their 'insanity' to children
    • Poetry
      • Some poetry is passionate and religious
      • Other work is more modern for her time
      • Many poems are dramatic monologues
      • Often wrote from a male perspective
      • Some work was about outcasts
        • Expressed her alienation she felt from her community
    • Persona
      • Wore masculine clothes
      • Kept her hair short
      • Many think she was a lesbian
    • Death
      • Anne died of cancer in 1927
      • Charlotte fell into a deep despression
      • Admitted to a nursing home
        • Committed suicide by drinking Lysol in 1928


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