Charlotte Mew

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  • Charlotte Mew (1869-1928)
    • Mew was London born and one of 7 children
      • Two siblings were mentally ill - institutionalised and 3 others died in childhood
      • Her and her sister, Anne, made pact to never marry in order to avoid passing on the mental illness(they were petrified of this)
      • Father left no provisions for family when he died (1898)
        • Very Poor
      • Mew's sister Anne died of cancer in 1926 and Charlotte took on duties of nursing her sister nearly full time.
    • Wrote lots of dramatic monologues
    • Work focused on (especially dramatic monologues) : Trauma, Isolation, Alienation, Loneliness and Death
    • Thought to be a lesbian but never proved
      • Wore men's clothes - dressed as a 'dandy' (short hair)
    • Mew entered a nursing home in 1928 for treatment, but ended up committing suicide there later the same year.
    • Wrote a number of short stories
    • Gained attention and friends due to quirky style and personality. Well-respected by other famous poets e.g. Hardy, Woolf.
    • Mew's friend, Alida Monro  published a collection of all her poetry after her death called The Rambling Sailor


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