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  • Characters
    • Curley
      • Boss' son, has lots of spare time as he doesn't have to work like the rest of the ranch workers
      • He's small and hates big guys
      • He is pugnacious and is a prize winning fighter, so he is always ready for a fight
      • Newly- married, very possessive of his wife, but he still goes to brothels
      • Its rumoured that he wears a glove of Vaseline to keep his hand soft for his wife
    • Curley's Wife
      • No name - she's just  Curley's possession
      • very naïve, only married Curley to spite her mother and now she's paying for it
      • She seems flirtatious and is always found around the bunkhouse "looking for Curley"
      • She's lonely, she's the only woman and Curley's not very interested
      • Dreams of being a Hollywood actress
    • Crooks
      • He is the black, stable hand
      • He's isolated because of his colour, he's not allowed in the bunkhouse
      • He is always called the '******', the men don't call him this to cause offence, this shows how casual racism was at the time
      • He is cynical about George and Lennie's dream as he has seen many men with the same dreams come and go
      • He has a bad back and is the only permanent ranch worker
    • Candy
      • Only has one hand, lost his right hand in an accident at work
      • He's the 'swamper' - the man who cleans the bunkhouse
      • He doesn't challenge anything or anyone as he can't afford to loose his job - he's too old
      • He has a very old dog that he had since a pup
      • He's very lonely but makes friends with George and Lennie and offers his compensation money to he with the dream
      • He's furious when he finds Curley's wife as he knows Lennie has ruined the dream


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