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  • Characters
    • Lenny
      • He's a very big man which contrasts with his name, Lennie Small
      • He isn't very clever so he relies on George completely. He copies everything George does.
      • Shares the dream of owning a piece of land with George. His special job would be to tend to the rabbits.
      • He likes to feel soft things, This got him into trouble in Weed when he tried to feel a girls red dress and she thought he was attacking her.
      • Often described as a child/animal throughout the book
      • very forgetful, George has to remind him of important things
      • Very kind and gentle, would never hurt anyone/ anything on purpose
    • George
      • small but very clever
      • Has looked out for Lennie since he promised Lennie's Aunt Clara he'd care for him
      • He needs Lennie, not just for his strength but so he's not alone, his threats to leave Lennie aren't serious
      • Shares a dream with Lennie, to own their own piece of land
    • Slim
      • Jerk-line skinner (lead mule driver
      • Natural leader, everyone respects and looks up to him.
      • Has a quiet dignity - doesn't need to assert himself to have authority
      • He understands George and Lennie's relationship, at the end he reassures George that he did the right thing
      • "the prince of the ranch"


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