march hare

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  • march hare
    • common british phrase ' mad as a march hare'
    • like the mad hatter the march hare is insain
      • the believe that they must behave as though it is always time for tea because the mad hatter supposedly "murdered the time" whilst singing for the hearts
      • deliriously confused
        • 'please stand up' ' don't you mean sit down' yes 'sit up'
    • eccentric
      • ' this cake is delightfully delicious'
        • enlongnate 'this cake' to over exaggerate
        • high volume on ' delightfully delicious  to emphasis my love for the cake
    • rehearsal
      • march hare was flat
        • normal school girl
        • watched the Disney version of 'Alice in wonderland'
          • in this version the march hare had a Scottish accent
            • watched videos on you tube teacher me how to articulate my world like a Scottish person would
              • from this i learnt on the line: 'righto mad hatter' i needed to pronounce the line as if it was written; ' rightoo mad htter, and to but empasis on the a vowel sounds in ' mad'.
              • the Scottish was particularly successful as it deepened my voice and helped me to create a scruffy character
        • bunny ears
          • huge black furry ears
            • scratch my ears to create a believable     charcterisation
    • mad
      • frequent use a laughter
        • random
      • devised  a parody of twinkle twinkle little star
        • 'twinkle twinkle little bat. how i wonder what your at! up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky'
          • this shows  how crazy they are
        • mad hatter lies on the table, march hare stand on chair and mimes that she is playing a violin and i say on a chair at the head of table at a diagonal miming that i have a conductor and is conducting the two


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