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  • Cells
    • Characteristics of living things
      • Growth
        • A permanent increase in size and dry mass by an increase in cell number or cell size or both
      • Sensitivity
        • The ability to detect or sense stimuli in the internal or external environment and to make appropriate responses
      • Reproduction
        • The processes that make more of the same kind of organism
      • Respiration
        • The chemical reactions in cells that break down nutrient molecules and release energy for metabolism
      • Excretion
        • Removal from organisms of the waste products of metabolism(chemical reactions in cells including respiration),to-xic materials and substances in excess of requirements
      • Movement
        • An action by an organism or part of an organism causing a change of position or place
      • Nutrition
        • Taking in of materials for energy, growth and development; plants require light , carbon dioxide, water and ions; animals need organic compounds and ions and usually need water
    • are surrounded by a
      • Cell wall
        • made mainly of cellulose
          • that form criss-crossing fibres to form a very strong covering that
            • protect and support the cell even from bursting because of swelling
          • of the polysaccha-rides group
        • Fully permeable
        • Inside is:
          • Cell membrane
            • A very thin layer of protein and fat that controls what goes in and out of the cell
            • Partially permeable
            • inside is:
    • Almost all of them can carry out activities which are characteristic of living things, but many of them are specialised on a function.


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