Animal Farm - Chapter analysis - Chapter 4

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  • Chapter 4
    • Humans are worried that the Rebellion will spread out of the farm.
      • News of the farms "Outbreak" spreads further than Frederick and Pilkington want it to
    • Humans are presented as cruel and hypocritical.
      • Backs up Old Majors speech
      • Justifies the revolution.
    • Pigeons from the farm spread the song "Beasts of England" to other farms.
      • Some animals carry out small disruptions against their masters
      • Trotsky wanted to spread the revolution and so did Snowball
    • Animals win the Battle of the Cowshed
      • Snowball is an "excellent" general.
      • In charge of defensive operations.
        • Snowball is an "excellent" general.
      • Gives out orders quickly.
    • Boxers kindness gets the better of him.
      • He wants to use as little force as possible.
        • Snowball says that "the only good human being asa a dead one".
    • Snowball and Boxer recieve "Animal hero - First class" Medal.
      • Rewarding Boxers loyalty increases the pigs control over him.
        • The medals create an inequality betwee the animals.
          • This is meant to inspire the animals but instead it seperates them.


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