Animal Farm - Chapter analysis - Chapter 1

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  • Chapter 1
    • Old Majors  speech is to encourage the start of the rebellion
      • There are 5 key points to the speech
        • Encourage rebellion. Tells animals to spread the message.
        • To warn them against the evils of humans
        • Call for perfect unity and equality among all animals
        • Man is the only enemy. They take but do not give back to the animals who produce the labour
        • The revolutionary song "Beasts of England" is introduced.
    • The Sheep come up with "Four legs good, Two legs  bad".
    • Already there is a question of superiority as the pigs and dogs are right in front of the platform.
    • Character personalities
      • Boxer is not overly intelligent but VERY hard working
      • Boxer and Clover introduced as kind animals.
        • Dishonest characters may take advantage of this - foreshadowing
      • Mollie and the Cat are selfish and don't care about the rebellion.
    • Jones goes to bed drunk
      • Not capable of caring. Lacks responsibility
        • Animals see this as a representation of all humans


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