Chapter 1.1 (2)

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  • History C1.1
    • Limits to the Kings power
      • The Danelaw
        • Half of England was called Danelaw. They had some different laws and customs.
      • Powers of Earl Godwin
        • Owned so much he was as rich as the king.
        • Forced the King into making good decisions for the Godwins.
    • Government
      • The Witan
        • Council that gives the king advice.
        • Made up of Aristocrats of the Kingdom also earls and archbishops.
        • Discussing possible threats from foreign powers. Religious affairs. Land Disputes and how to settle then.
      • Earldoms
        • The earls where given power to help the King to make decisions.
          • Economic, Legal and Military control of their earldoms
      • Local Government
        • Earldoms where divided into Shires, and all had different roles.
          • Social
            • Political
              • Economic
                • Military
        • Shire Reeves
          • Kings local government officals.
            • collecting revenue
              • collecting the geld tax
                • collecting fines
                  • making sure people obeyed the law.
                    • providing  men for the fryd
                      • repairing roads and fortifications
        • Military Power: The Fryd
          • When the call came from the king, each group of 5 hides provided one man for the fryd. there where 2 types of fryd
            • the select fryd gathered men to fight anywhere in England for the King.
            • the gathered fryd gathered men to fight who didn't go out of their local area.
    • Anglo-Saxon Economy
      • Rich country.
      • Towns
        • 1066: 10% of population lived in towns
        • London and York where the biggest towns in England.
      • Viillages.
        • spread over the countryside
        • thegns lived in the countryside
      • Church
        • Anglo Saxon was a christian household.
        • Divided England into large areas, Controlled by a bishop
          • Religion was an important part of everyday life
          • English people believed God would be quick to punish the country for sinful behaviour.
        • The Anglo-Saxon church was old fashioned compared to the Norman Church


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