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  • History
    • C1.1
      • Thegns
        • Local Lords.
        • Between 4,00 and 5,00 Thegns by 1060.
        • Important man in the local community.
        • Needed a manor house with a tower and a church and also more than five hides of land
          • Hides: The measurement used for land in Anglo-Saxon and Norman England. One hide was about 120 acres
      • The Social System
        • Peasant Farmers
          • Most  Anglo-Saxons were peasant farmers. Renting small farms and working for themselves and their families.
          • No one used land without carrying out some kind of service to someone else.
        • Slaves
          • 10% were slaves.
          • They could be brought and sold.
          • Normans thought that owning slaves was barbaric, but it was normal part of Anglo-Saxon society.
        • Earls
          • Most important aristocrats.
          • The most important men in the country after the king.
          • Earls competed against each other to be the one the king trusted and relied on the most.
          • The king would reward this most reliable and trusted earls with land and money.
      • Changing social status
        • It was possible to change your status in Anglo-Saxon society.
          • Slaves could be freed by their masters and become peasants.
            • People could also move down. Peasants could become slaves.
              • A peasant ho did very well and got five hides of land could become a thegn.
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