Changes to the Indian's way of life

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  • Changes in the way of life of the Plains Indians
    • Impact of the railroads
      • Land grants
        • Took land away from tribes
        • Reduced grazing for buffalo
          • Disrupted hunts
      • White settlers built fences
        • Reduced grazing for buffalo
          • Disrupted hunts
      • 1862 Pacific Railroad Act
        • Government could extinguish any Indian's rights to land
        • Union Pacific ran through Pawnee lands
          • 1870: The Pawnee agreed to move onto a reservation
        • Other tribes such as Santee Sioux signed treaties to live on reservations
      • Triggered conflicts between Indians and whites
    • Impact of the cattle industry
      • Cattle and buffalo both fed on grass
        • As cattle numbers increased, buffalo decreased
          • Some Plains Indians went to work on ranches
            • Dependent on employment
    • Impact of gold prospectors
      • Murdered Indians
      • Forced them to move away from possible claims
      • Men from all over the world brought diseases
        • Indians had never been exposed, weak immune systems, died
      • Rapid changes
      • Travelled across any land (including Indian's) to reach Gold
        • Red Cloud's War


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