Why the whites won the west

my revision notes on why the whites ended up winning the west.

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Why the whites won the west
Custer's avengers
Supporters of Custer who was killed in the battle of Little Big Horn
Wanted total revenge on Indians- wanted to destroy them all.
Encouraged thousand to join the US army this made the army stonger and
more powerful
The US government made promises that is broke later on.
Us army had unlimited supply of men and money
After LBH the Sioux had to disband their army as they couldn't afford a
large army for long
US army had rifles, machine guns and the telegraph to communicate with
Indians had to buy their rifles and had to use smoke signals to communicate
Meant that us army could get places quickly
Brought thousands of settlers west to settle on Indian land
Broke up Indian hunting grounds
Slaughter of the buffalo
Buffalo all wiped out in 1870's
Helped to destroy Indians as their lives depended on the buffalo
US Army
Too big and strong to defeat
Destroyed Indian way of life- forced them to become farmers
Run by corrupt agents who sold rations and left Indians to starve
Influence of chiefs declined
Dawes act divided the reservations up even more weakening Indians
Boarding schools for Indian children opened
Not allowed to speak own language
Forced children to attend
Changed Indians into white men
Destroyed Indian culture


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