Why did capital punishment end in 1965?

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  • Changes in Punishment/ Why did capital punishment end in 1965?
    • Start of the 20th century
      • capital punishment was still used, to punish murder
      • 1965 capital punishment for murder was abolished
      • The 1940s Labour government introduced many radical welfare and social reforms inc. reforms concerning youth justice
      • many new ideas about the purpose of prison and the treatment prisoners shoudl expect in prison
    • Attitudes in society were changing
      • Derek Bentley case
        • 1953 controversial case that resulted in many people disagreeing with the use of the death penalty
    • New laws were being introduced
      • people like Roy Jenkins (home secretary) had a big influence on this change
    • What punishments other than prison are used today?
      • Community service
        • people convicted of minor offences are ordered to do supervised work to improve their local community
      • Electronic tagging
        • the tag monitors the criminals movements
      • Drug and alcohol testing/ treatment programmes
        • offers help and treatment for their addiction
      • Restorative justice
        • a criminal meets the victim or a relative of the victim and sees the damage they have done
      • ABSO
        • A court places restrictions on what a person can do e.g. counselling


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