Chaney et al 2004

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  • Chaney et al 2004
    • Aim
      • To find out if reinforcement could be applied to a health setting
    • Procedure
      • Parents of children recruited via GPs
      • Given questionnaire about child's existing inhaler including a consent form.
      • Given the Funhaler for 2 weeks. Parents had to use it with the children
      • Randomly the parents would be called and asked if they'd used it the day before
      • After 2 weeks, given same questionnaire but about the Funhaler
    • Funhaler
      • Incentive built in to encourage children
      • Spinning disk and whistle activated when child exhaled. Had to give a deep enough breath
      • Delivered correct amount of medication
    • Results
      • 81% used Funhaler previous day compared to 59%
      • 50% correct breath cycles for Funhaler compared to 80%
      • 3% struggled to used Funhaler compared to 35%
      • 61% parents completely happy with Funhaler compared to 10%
    • Participants
      • 32 children from Australia. 10 female 22 males.
      • Aged 1.5-6yrs
      • Avg duration of asthma 2.2yrs
      • In a repeated measures field experiment
    • Conclusions
      • Funhaler led to increase in use and correct use
      • Parents less likely to give up using the Funhaler
      • Funhaler caused less problems for parents and children


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