Chapter 13 - Populations and sustainability

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  • Chapter 13 - Populations and sustainability
    • Competition
      • Interspecific
        • Between individuals of different species
      • Intraspecific
        • Between individuals of the same species
    • Population growth curves
      • Lag phase, log phase, stationary phase and death (decline) phase in a closed system. Lag phase, log phase and carrying capacity in an open system
    • Predator-prey relationships
      • Lynx and rabbit
    • Conservation
      • Specific case studies: Galapagos Islands and Wildmoor Heath
      • The active management of habitats in order, or even increase, biodiversity within them
      • Reasons
        • Social
          • People feel happier in nature than in a city, same reasons as economic
        • Economic
          • Ensures a longer supply of resources, can provide income from tourism
        • Ethical
          • It is our responsibility to look after the planet, and we have no right to make species extinct
      • Sustainable production
        • Clear felling
        • Rotational coppicing
        • Coppicng with standards


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