BIOPSYCHOLOGY - Central Nervous System (CNS) VS Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)

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  • Central Nervous System (CNS) VS Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
    • The CNS
      • def: this system comprises of the brain and spinal cord
      • brain involved in psychological processes - main job is to maintain life
      • some parts of the brain more concerned with vital functioning, other in high order thinking & problem solving
      • SPINAL CORD: facilitates transferal of messages to and from brain to the PNS
        • also involved in reflex actions (eg. startle response)
    • The PNS
      • transmits messages to WHOLE BODY from brain
      • two divisions: somatic and autonomic system
        • SOMATIC: transmits info to and from senses and to and from CNS
        • AUTONOMIC: transmits info to and from internal organs to sustain life
          • SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM: increases body functions
          • PARASYMPATHETIC NERV SYS: maintains / decreases body activities
      • main job: transmit and receive messages from senses such as visual & auditory info
  • Nervous system
    • CNS
      • Spinal cord
      • Brain
    • PNS
      • Somatic N.S
      • Autonomic N.S
        • Sympathetic N.S
        • Parasympathetic N.S


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