Starch and Cellulose

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  • Cellulose and Starch
    • Starch
      • Made of chains of alpha glucose monosaccharides
      • alpha glucose molecules linkedby glycosidic bonds
        • glycosidic bonds madein condensation reactions
      • unbranchedchain wound into a tight coil to make a compact molecule
        • it is compact so is can be stored in a small space
      • it is insoluable
        • doesn't draw water into cells by osmosis
      • when hydrolyed it forms alpha glucose
        • alpha glucose is easily transported and readily used in respiration
    • Cellulose
      • made from monomers of beta glucose
      • made of straight unbranched chains
        • placed parallel to eachother .
          • hydrogen bonds form, making cross-linkages between adjacent molecules
            • hydrogen bonds icrease strength of the cellulose
              • makes it a good structural materialin plant cell walls
                • also good in a plan cell wall because it prevents the cell from bursting as water enters by exerting an inward pressure that stops further influx of water
      • cellulose molecules group togeher to form microfibrils
        • microfibrils arranged in parralel groups to form fibres


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