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The Cellulose Cell Wall
Learning objectives:
1. To be able to describe the structure of cellulose.
2. To be able to compare the structure of cellulose and
starch.…read more

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Write down all the key points you
remember about the structure of starch.
Starter activity- Starch…read more

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The chemistry of cellulose
Cellulose is an unbranched chain of glucose units.
Made of a different form of glucose than that of
starch; it comprises of beta glucose units (starch is
made of alpha glucose units).
What do you notice about the glucose units?…read more

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The chemistry of cellulose
The glucose units in cellulose join by losing a water
molecule in a condensation reaction, and comprise of
1,4 glycosidic bonds between beta-glucose molecules.
This is only possible if every other molecule is rotated
180 degrees.
This allows it to be a straight unbranched chain.…read more

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Draw a table, showing the differences
between the structure of cellulose and
Cellulose Vs Starch…read more

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Long straight chains
then naturally pack
together in bundles
and held together by
hydrogen bonds.
These are microfibrils.
The hydrogen bonds
form between the OH
groups in
neighbouring cellulose
chains.…read more

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