Cell membrane functions

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  • Cell Membrane Functions
    • Surround organelles inside cells
      • Isolate reactions inside organelles from cytplasm
    • Provide attachment sites for enzymes etc.
      • E.g. inner membrane of a chloroplast contains chlorophyll needed for photosynthesis
    • Partially-permeable
      • Control what passes through them
      • Small or uncharged particles can pass through phospholipids
      • Protein channels and transport proteins control passage of large or charged particles
    • Involved in cell signalling
      • Substance produced by one cell docks into a  receptor in the plasma membrane of another
      • Receptors include glycoproteins and lipoproteins
    • Electric signals can pass along them
      • E.g. membrane of the axon of a motor-neurone transmits action potentials from the CNS to a muscle


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