cell division

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  • cell division
    • mitosis
      • mitosis is a type of cell division that takes place in stages
      • happens in body cells which are any cell except those that produce gametes (sex cells).
      • the cell that is dividing is called the parent cell and the two new cell created are called daughter cells
      • the daughter cells are identical to the parent cell
      • mitosis is used for growth, repair and asexual reproduction.
    • uncontrolled cell division
      • cancer cells divide uncontrollably by mitosis to form a tumor.
      • cells usually stop dividing when growth has finished except when repair is needed.
      • sometimes the control that tells cells to stop dividing goes wrong which leads to cancer
    • growth in animals
      • in animals a fertilised egg or zygote divides by mitosis to produce genetically identical daughter cells.
      • these cells grow by mitosis and eventually differentiate into different types of cells to make up a whole organism
      • Differentiation creates specialised cells adapted to carry out a particular function
    • growth in plants
      • plant cells divide by mitosis just behind the tips of shoots and roots
      • after this the cells grow by enlarging
      • young cells have small vacuoles which take in water by osmosis and enlarge causing the cells to elongate


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