Growth and Development

Cells are building blocks of all living things.

all cells contain DNA and organelles.

DNA molecules are in the from of a double helix and contain the genetic code.

Organelles are the different parts of the cell's structure. They do different jobs within the cell and work together to allow the cell to perform a specific function.

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Animal cells

Human cells, most animal cells and plant cells have the following parts:

Cytoplasm - where most chemical reactions take place.

Nucleus - Contains genetic information

Ribsomes - Where protein synthesis takes place

A cell membrane - controls movement into and out of the cell.

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Plant cells

Plant cells also have the following parts:

A cell wall - stengthens the cell

A permanent vacuole - helps support the cell

Chloroplasts - absorb light energy to make food.

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Mitosis is the division of the body cells to produce new cells. Each new cell has...

Identical sets of chromosomes as the parent cell

The same number of chromosomes as the parent cell

The same genes as the parent cell

Mitosis occurs...

For growth

For repair

To replace old tissues.

To enable mitosis to take place, cells go through a cycle of growth and then division

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