Poverty and Vagrancy-Causes

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  • Causes of Vagrancy
    • Inflation
      • Result of rising prices throughout period
        • Even if employment prospects were good still @ mercy of price rise throughout 16th Century
      • Likely that Government didn't know cause of inflation
        • Historians struggle to know why it happened
      • Debasement of coinage=small factor
        • 2/3 reduced- led to a rise in prices
          • No rise in earnings
        • First adopted in 1526- Carried on through to Edward's reign
        • Led to less focus on textiles and sheep rearing
      • Worsened by lack of land, bad harvests and failure of textile industry in rural areas
        • Few people had land to fall back on
    • Disease/Plague
      • Problem if principal wage earner is affected
      • Random-Ca strike anyone at any time
      • Intermittent
      • Hit biggest cities
        • Killed 1/3 of population of Norwich
        • Trading stopped-Worries of passing Plague
      • Brought farmers distress
        • Labour to do farmwork was reduced
        • Crops would go rotten. No harvest
      • First led to the death of 6000
    • Cloth Trade
      • Linked with Foreign Policy
        • Antwerp was staple market- Was also a Spanish dominion
          • Districts were Yorkshire, East Anglia and West Country
            • Thousands would be unemployed if there was a slump in the trade
              • Men, women and children
              • Urban cloth trade very vulnerable
                • COMPETITIVE
          • Government insisted on merchants to continue employing/retaining employees when there was a decrease in work
      • Principal export
      • Contained internally
        • Relied on external factors like war, plague or bad harvest to not occur to be successful
          • Alternate slumps and booms in trade meant there was no guarantee of availability of original job


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