Mary I - Society and Economy 1553-1558

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  • Mary I - Society and Economy 1553-1558
    • Economy
      • Inflation, caused by: growing population; debasement of coinage under HVIII and Somerset; Government spending; bad harvests.
      • Harvest failures 1548, 1555 and 1556.
      • Local food shortages, increased poverty, vagrancy and social discontent.
      • Continued decline in the wool trade after the Antwerp Crash 1551.
    • Society
      • Population rose from 2.3 million to 3 million 1520-1550.
      • Epidemics of sweating sickness 1557 & 1558 led to 6% mortality rate.
    • What did Mary's Government do?
      • Enforced laws against grain hoarding.
      • Encouraged people to grow crops rather than grate animals on farm land.
      • Neither was effective at dealing with the scale of the problems.


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