Causes of infertility

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  • Causes of infertility
    • Male
      • Physical abnormalities, such as obstruction or impaired sperm production
      • Abnormalities of sperm themselves
      • Defective sperm production may be linked with infections, surgery or excessive drinking
      • Drugs, radiation and radiotherapy can affect production of sperm
      • Azoospermia refers to absence of sperm in ***********
        • Obstruction of vas deferens
        • Missing vas deferens
        • Hormonal problem stopping sperm production
      • Antibodies may attach to sperm and impair mobility and ability to penetrate egg
    • Female
      • Problems with ovulation may occur due to hormonal imbalance
        • Stress
        • Weight loss/weight gain
        • excessive prolactin production
        • poly-cystic ovarian disease
      • Damage to the Fallopian tubes may impede the pick-up or transport of the egg, thereby preventing fertilisation
      • Hostile mucus- some women have antibodies against sperm within their mucus. Sperm are often unable to pass


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