book 4

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  • carry on from book 4
    • aenas hides is his sorrow through a dutiful speech
      • dido wishes aenas dead love turns from love to hate
        • 'out of controll'
      • 'with a great stuggle repreesed his feelings '
      • aeneas is torn between duty and desire
    • dido asks her sisiter to ask aeneas to stay untill the weather is nicer
    • dido decised she wants to die
      • she pretends to her sister that there is s a sourcress in ethiiopia who has told how a way to either win back aeneas or to cure herslef of her love
      • she says she needs a funeral pyre so anna helps her make it
      • onto of the funeral pyre will be aeneas sword, his clothes, theri marriage bad and an effigy of aneas
      • anna does not realise
        • dido blames anna for encourageing her
    • aneas is asleep and plans to set sail at dawn
      • mecury appears to aeneas in a dream and warns aneas that dido is upon death and is hatching some evil plan
        • aeneas awakes and follows mercury's advice and prepares to leave and follow his duty
    • dido looses the plot and contemplates killing everyone who meant anything to him
      • she prays they are punished and let him watch his friends die an unworthy death
      • she tells her people to never stop ating his ancestprs and let his people fight each other to the last generation
    • dido recalls her greatest achievements
      • she curses aeneas and hopes he sees the flames of her pyre
    • she stabs her self with the sword
      • she is angry how dido lies to her
      • anna feels dio had destroyes her self, anna , her people and carthage
      • anna takes her and hold her hoping she could hear her last breath , 3 times anna tries to lift her head but she feel onto the bed


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