Caregiver-infant interactions

AS level/A2-Alevel

CG- Caregiver

I- Infants

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  • Caregiver-infant interactions
    • Interactional synchrony
      • When 2 people interact they tend to mirror what the other is doing
        • Facial + body movements
        • Imitating emotions
      • Synchrony
        • Two (or more) things move in the same pattern
      • Key Study:
        • Meltzoff + Moore
          • 3 different faces + hand gestures ( 4 different stimuli)
          • Observations were recorded (video-taped)
          • Infants 2-3 weeks old
          • An association was found between the action (adult model) and expression the child
    • Reciprocity
      • Responding to the action of another with a similar action
        • Where the actions of one partner evokes a response from the other partner
      • The actions is not similar
      • Key study:
        • Brazelton (1979)
          • Basic rhythm = important for later communications
          • Regularity of an infants signals  = caregiver to see the infant's behaviour & respond appropriately
          • Sensitivity to infant behaviour   lays the foundation for later attachment between CG and I


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