Introduction to attachment

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  • Introduction to attachment
    • What/Why?
      • Close two way emotional bond between two individuals
      • Each individual sees other as essential for own emotional security
      • Ensures survival of babies when they are most vulnerable
      • Earliest attachment serves as prototype for later ones (IWM)
    • Caregiver/infant interactions
      • Reciprocity: Interactions between carers/infants results in mutual behaviour. Both parties able to produce responses from each other.
      • Interactional synchrony: Mother/infant reflect the actions/emotions of other simultaneously
    • Role of the father
      • Schaffer&Emerson: Majority of babies attached to mother first, in following weeks formed secondary attachment to father. 75% infants formed attachment with father by 18m.
      • Grossman: Attachments in adolescence down to quality of early maternal attachment. Quality of fathers play w/infant related to quality of adolescence.
      • Natural role of father more social than emotional, but when fathers have to become primary caregiver they adopt role of mother in order to form attachment.


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