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  • Cardiac cycle
    • Cycle of blood
      • 1.)Deoxygenated blood enters the heart via the vena cava and enters the right atrium
      • 2.Right atrium contacts, pushing open the atrioventricular valve and pushing blood into the right ventricle
      • 3.)The ventricles contract, pushing the Semi Lunar valves open and into the pulmonary artery
      • 4.)Heart goes through the lungs and becomes oxygenated
      • 5.)Blood enters the left ventricle via the pulmonary vein
      • 6.)The atria contracts pushing blood into the right ventricle
      • 7.)Right Ventricle contracts and pushes blood around the body
    • Nerves and nodes
      • 1.) A wave of electrical energy spreads out across the SAN
      • 2.)The electrical energy spreads to the atroventricular node
        • The spreading of the wave causes both atria to contract
      • 3.)The AVN releases another electrical wave to the Bundle of HIs
        • The pause is to allow the atrioventricular valve time to close and for all the  blood to pass between atria and ventricle
      • 4.)The bundle of his conveys energy to muscles at the base of the heart causing them to contratc


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