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  • Carboxylic Acids
    • Structure and Bonding
      • -COOH functional group
        • Carboxyl group
      • Weak acids
        • Only partially dissociates
      • CnH2nO2
    • Solubility
      • Solubility decreases as chain length increases
      • -COOH can form Hydrogen bonds with water
    • Melting and Boiling Points
      • As chain length increases BP increases due to increase in VDW
      • Hydrogen bonds mean higher BP than other carbonyl compounds
      • As chain length increases VDW becomes the dominate force
    • Preparation
      • Reluxing primary alcohol or an aldehyde with an oxidising agent
        • Acidified potassium dichromate or acidified potassium dichromate
      • Hydrolysis of Nitrites
        • Refluxed with dilute alkali
          • RCH+H20+NaOH----->RCOONa + NH3
            • Liberating the acid from the salt RCOONa+HCL---->RCOOH+NaCl
        • Refluxing with dilute acid
          • RCN+2H20+HCL----> RCOOH + NH4Cl
    • Reactions
      • Will react with bases to form a carboxylate ion
        • When reacting with sodium hydrogencarbonate salts, CO2 will be formed
          • This is the carboxylic acids test
      • Esterfication
      • Forming Acyl Chlorides
        • Add PCl5
      • Reduction
        • Adding lithal to a carboxylic acid will form a primary alcohol


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