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  • Carbohydrates
    • Carbohydrates are polymers.
      • Glucose- hexose sugar (monosaccharide)
    • Monosaccharides are joined by condensation reaction.
      • Glycosidic bond
      • Two monosaccharides= Disaccharide.
      • Two + monosaccharide= Polysaccharide.
    • Enzymes hydrolyse di/polysaccharides.
      • Maltose- Maltase= Glucose&Glucose
      • Sucrose- Sucrase= Glucose&Fructose
      • Lactose- Lactase= Glucose&Galactose
    • Lactose- Intolerant
      • Lack of Lactase enzyme. Which breaks down lactose.
      • Bacteria can ferment undigested lactose.
      • Lactose- Found in milk/dairy
      • Symptoms: Flatulence, diarrhoea, cramps
    • Starch:
      • Two polysaccharides-Amlose& Amylopectin
      • Both long a-glucose chains. Glycosidic bond.
      • Digested= Broken down to Maltose by amylase.
        • Maltase breaks down maltose, into a-glucose molecules.


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