Captain Corelli's Mandolin Overview

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  • Captain Correli
    • Critics
      • Critical Form
        • Post-Modern
        • Marxism
        • Untitled
      • Noleen Wyatt Jones 'Successful at showing the transition from rural to modern Greece'
      • Chris Doveton - 'He fails in trying to fit all the ideas of a war into a 500 page novel'
    • Style and Form
      • 1st/3rd Person narrative
      • Intertwining Plotline
      • Various Perspectives
      • Different Language Style dependent on character
      • Romance/War Literature
      • Epistolary - Use of Letters
        • Inner monologues
    • Context
      • De Bernieres personal Cephalonia  experience
      • Modern writer writing about WWII
      • Written in a secularised Society
      • Greeks dissatisfaction with the portrayal of their history
    • Untitled


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