Its not just gender that dominates the presentation of relationships in works of literature

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It’s not just gender that dominates the presentation of relationships in works of literature, although gender is an important issue. Loving the 'correct' gender is important in the society these books are written in and what is acceptable. This is particularly true of Carlo, in Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Carlo's sexuality is gay. This is clear as he expresses his love for Francesco, an ex- comrade and even Corelli. His chapters are called L'Omosessuale, which is Italian for the homosexual. Unfortunately, in Italian society, being gay is not acceptable and thinks it is a sin. The reason Carlo joins the army is so he can be with men.

Religion - Carlo "He must have made me for a purpose" Compare to Angel's relationship with religion and how that interferes with his relationship with Tess

Compare religion to fate in Tess. How her life is set out through fate.

The class difference situation between Tess and Angel (and even Tess and Alec) in Tess of the d'Urbervilles plays a great role in the presentation of relationships. Angel is a hypocritical character. He tries to move forward in his thinking as he would much rather marry a practical dairymaid like Tess to milk his cows and help him on his future farm rather than the perfect Mercy Chant his parents have picked out for him, but he rejects Tess when he finds out she had slept with another man! There is  ambiguity in "The Chase" scene as the reader is not sure whether it is seduction or ****. Angel's original idea is a reflection of Hardy's idea. Angel's second idea reflects…


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