Topic 5 - Capabilities and Limitations of ICT

Topic 5 - Factors affecting the efficiency of data

Hardware - If the system had an old slow processor, it will take too long to process the data, cost of upgrading

Software - Does the software put a big demand on the system/will it work with other software

Suitability of the OS - If there is need for quick up to date info, there is no point in running it on a batch processing system

Insufficient Testing - Has the system been checked in all sorts of situations

Proper Backups - Maintaining an incremental system

Compatibility - Do the devices talk properly with each other

Poor communication with user - Does the final system fit in with what was requested

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Topic 5 - Advantages of ICT over manual methods

Repetitive Processing - Carrying out the same task to the same standard repeatedly

Example - Processing the payroll run on a computer for a large organisation

Data storage Capacity - Able to store large amounts of information in a small space

Example - All the information on pupils in a school will fit on a small hard drive instead of many filing cabinets

Accuracy and Context - Calculations are carried out correctly

Example - In a spreadsheet if the formulas and data are correct the calculations will be correct

Speed of data communications - Messages sent out across the world instantly

Example - An email can be sent from the UK to USA within seconds

The ability to produce different output formats - Information can be produced in graphical/tabular format

Example - A scientist making a report will include tables and graphs to make it easier to read

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