Caledonian Orogeny

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  • Caledonian Orogenies
    • The event began 1000 million years ago
      • Pre-Cambrian til the Devonian
        • Lasted 600 million years!
      • Lasted 600 million years!
    • The plates involved where the Laurentia and Baltica plate collided
      • The collision created the Highlands in Scotland and the Highland fault
      • There were 3 stages of this Orogeny
        • Stage one occured when some volcanic islands collided
          • It  formed the Grapmian highlands
          • During this time, molten rock pushed its way through into the crust.
        • The second event occured when Baltica  collided with the foundations of the Northern Highlands
        • Stage 3 occurred when england collided with scotland- creating the Caledonian mountains
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